Facade - Event registration

America’s Business Matchmaking forum, its a virtual event where we had the opportunity to create a digital venue that matched business and participant’s needs and gave freedom to design the actual building, based on the user experience.

A very interesting project, because of the challenge it represented: designing a 6400 square meter venue, surrounded by a modern, yet realistic environment, to gather international buyers from all over the world and match them with Colombian exporters.

The result Is amazing: a digital, immersive experience with virtual tours and interactions that provided all attendees with academic and business opportunities.

Facade - Event registration
Facade used as a registration screen.
Virtual Tour

Designed to immerse buyers and sellers in a close-to-reality experience, this virtual event brought a modern venue to life by designing a massive, circular, three-story building that literally revolved around user experience, navigation, and virtual fly-throughs.

Lobby Buttons
Decoration placed to immerse the attendees in a virtual experience.

The experience began with a short video transition from the venue exterior to the front view of the building, where the visitors started their registration process and accessed the lobby and navigation menu.

Lobby Buttons
Lobby doubled as the main navigation menu

After registration, they were welcomed to the lobby. Here they could find the main menu where different rooms, academic, and business options were provided in the form of linked buttons.

Main event: The matchmaking forum

The second floor gave access to the business matchmaking forum, the main room of the event. Right at the center of it, we found the command module, where visitors would click to schedule appointments, consult their daily meetings and even get technical support.

Being a three-level building, we decided to provide our visitors with different lobbies so that they could re-start the experience and gain access to every room in the event.

Maintaining the same look and feel across all levels, we gave the users an instant-access menu, making it easier to navigate through the virtual event.

Between the menu counters and every room, short video transitions would “transport” the visitors towards their desired selection.

Academic sessions took place in the third floor. Acces was granted once the participants clicked on the main screen.

The uppermost level was a massive three-screen stage, where buyers and sellers alike had the opportunity to assist with virtual conferences, webinars, and relevant training.

Sketch style render for project presentation.

To sum it up, this was a very satisfying project to work with. Challenging, but fulfilling to see the end result.

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