Distorted, electric guitars are the staple sound of rock music.

This is the trophy design for ROCK IN LEO, an annual in-house music fest, held around April in Leo Burnett Colombia.

Every year, the best bands are awarded prizes for creativity, quality, harmony, and performance. So in 2015, the 4th Version, it was decided that winning bands should receive a statuette as an additional recognition for their effort.

The only rule: design had to be inspired by music. The result is a guitar neck abstraction, with an oversized pick, metallic coat painted to identify 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

First place trophy
First Place Trophy
Trophy Design main
Left to right: Silver, for second place; Gold for first place; bronze for third.

Black was chosen for the main body color as it is easily identified with Rock music and provided great contrast for metallic accents to shine upon. Real guitar parts like the strings, bridge, and humbucker mics were used to give a realistic feel and touch.

Trophy Design
Over-Sized pick, showcasing the event’s logo.

An oversized guitar pick was used for the event logo. Since this was a special, almost hand-crafted, project; laser cutting and engraving were selected as the main processes to produce the three picks. Then, a metallic enamel coat was applied to color-match the picks to the rest of the trophy.

First, Second and Third place colors.
Money shot: three trophies together.

The trophies were showstoppers. Their metallic coats shined in the stage lights and the bands really gave their best performance to earn the gold. Ever since 2015, they became the norm and have become the ultimate goal. Even casual assistants, want to pose for a selfie holding the prize!

It was a great opportunity to showcase my skills and be passionate about the design process and the end result. So much so, that a couple of years later I decided to play the drums and took home the gold!

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