Special Edition Can Design for Rappi, Colombia’s number one food delivery service and Coca-Cola’s most strategic partner in e-commerce. Acting as an intermediation platform between various types of users. Founded in Colombia in 2015, today it is present in 9 Latin American countries and more than 200 cities.

So, in 2018, around the time for Rappi’s 3rd anniversary, from Coca-Cola we proposed a special edition can, to celebrate the partnership.

I designed these special cans to be delivered with each food delivery order during the celebration month.  

Special Edition Can Design Proposals
Special Edition Design options.

The first design proposal is a city background with a bike silhouette, paying homage to Rappi’s city-wide coverage and the main means of transportation used in their delivery service.

Special Edition Can Design inspired by the city.
Inspired by the city
Inspired by the city
First Design: Inspired by the city, original flavor.
Zero: Inspired by the city
First Design: Inspired by the city, Zero sugar.

The second option focuses on showcasing the food options that perfectly matched coca-cola: Every single rappi option. From Asian food to Colombian typical, from burgers to pizza, from sandwiches to sushi, from fries to hot-dogs. All you had to do is choose any coke flavor, the one that suits you best.

Special Edition Can Design Inspired by food
Inspired by food
Inspired by food
Second Design: Inspired by food, original flavor.
Inspired by food: Zero
Second Design: Inspired by food, Zero sugar.

The third design, mixed both brands in a perfect balance. Using brand assets like the classic contour bottle and rappi’s iconic mustache, I created a background pattern and used Rappi’s infographic elements to highlight Coca-Cola at the center.

Special Edition Can Design with brand elements.
Designed using brand assets: mustache and contour
Brand assets: original flavor
Third option: brand elements, original flavor.
Brand assets: zero sugar
Third option: brand elements, zero sugar.

Design inspiration came from analyzing Rappi and Coke’s alliance: Food delivery, Coke as a perfect match for every meal, city-wide coverage and bike messengers, the contour and the mustache.

The color scheme bent Coca-Cola’s “power of red” rules and went full rappi (from magenta to white), as a bold move to let people know something special was happening, and even make it a collectible item.

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