Oktoberfest is the season for true beer lovers; it’s a season to celebrate and share with mastery and passion in every moment of their lives. The Club Colombia Home Pub Design is the result of the brand’s initiative to reward those who embody the brand’s ideals throughout their lives, and know even the smallest achievements can be celebrated and shared.

“Contemporary craft” is the concept that drives Club Colombia’s Design. It expresses craftsmanship, sobriety, modernity, and tradition, elegance, and premiumness.  

Club Colombia Home Pub
Bar Area – Club Colombia Home Pub
Club Colombia Home Pub
Bar Area – Club Colombia Home Pub

Three main areas were defined: Bar area, holding the bar, and a hidden fridge, with a fully decorated back wall that held the bran’s glassware, a central decorative unit glorifying the 5 beer flavors, and 4 beer glasses. To frame the area, five golden lamps with neutral white light were hung from a black metal ceiling structure; adding a touch of the industrial look to the bar.

The brand expression area, where branded elements were used as decoration, expressing the brand’s personality through a combination of materials, colors, textures, and finishes in an artistic fashion. And finally, the social area, which was designed to enjoy the “Club Colombia” experience.

Branded elements
Branded elements: a cropped logo and a bottle art installation
Taylor-made furniture for different experiences.

Since the project was happening in a private interior, the branding needed to be subtle. So, in this case, three different elements were used to compose branded elements: the “Tunjo”, an anthropomorphic figure from the main logo; the bottle, which has a unique shape amongst Colombian market and, the textured modules (circle pattern, square pattern, and triangle pattern) one of the brand’s image staples.

The result, as shown above, are three simple details that enrich the space visually: an embedded, cropped Tunjo using gold stainless steel, creating a smooth surface between the wall and the metal. An installation composed of modular square frames, holding 12 bottles that form a woven-like pattern. And finally a texture detail for the tabletops, colored metal thread formed into the pattern modules.

Branded elements
When a service was selected, the welcoming module lit one of the clerk-free modules.
Design details in the bar area.
Welcoming Module

The bar was created to highlight the back wall: a homage to the beer and the serving ritual. By glorifying glassware, product varieties, and brand colors, we created blocks of “textures” over black wood and red laminate

Warm lighting was shone indirectly over the exhibition, to make the blocks brighter even in dim lights.

The main and center block is composed of a series of gold frames where the 5 varieties are glorified, alternating bottle modules with glass modules, thus creating dynamism to contrast over an otherwise rigid structure.

Black was used as the main color; a neutral, premium canvas to make the other colors and textures stand out. Red and gold, were used as the main accents and heavily veneered wood was chosen as the overall warm texture. To complement the color palette, warm, soft amber lighting was carefully selected and crafted inside tryptic irregular ceiling lamps.

Club colombia Home Pub
Social Area

Besides, custom furniture was designed to elevate the experience and brand expression. Each area had a different, but complementary style: simple black stools for the bar, matte-finished with black leather cushions; high tables and chairs with a continuous metal tubing to create the base, topped with round smooth surfaces and black leather cushions; lounge single seaters made from darkened walnut wood and sand-colored suede.

Two types of lamps were used: round gold spotlights to create accents and highlights; and tryptic box lamps, made of wood and black metal, to create an overall warm atmosphere.

To sum it up, the Club Colombia Home Pub was crafted to create an intimate brand experience, and express brand values like passion, premiumness attention to detail using a combination of warm and cold materials like leather, wood, and steel, and applying the color palette to transform a house and uplift the ritual of sharing a beer to celebrate life.

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