Movistar is a worldwide synonym of technology and Innovation. Based on this promise, we decided to lead the trend in Colombia and design self-managed, clerk-free stores that offered a fully immersive and automated experience where the shopper would be able to buy products, services, and even get customer service.

We used a futuristic design language, with rounded edges to evoke a continuous shape that translated into a seamless shopper journey. 

Customer service corner
Customer Service Corner
Clerk-free store entrance design
Open Facade

The journey began at the entrance, where our shoppers found a smooth and eye-catching open facade, with a shiny-white finish, and backlit signage. In contrast, Movistar’s logo was embedded in the upper right corner, using a lacquered stainless steel laser-cut piece.

Facade, Left Sde
Left side: backlit signage over a shiny-white finish.
Facade, right Sde
Right side: cropped logo forming a a vertical garden.

Inspiration was drawn from futuristic, high-tech movies like TRON and Star Trek; creating a single, continuous and clean contour for the general walls. Each module was separated from the others with the use of frosted, edge-lit acrylics. However, on the right-hand side of the facade, a walled garden was created using a cropped version of Movistar’s logo, framed next to the letters P.A.M (for its Spanish acronym: Punto de Autogestón Movistar) framing the open entrance of our clerk free-stores with a touch of green in order to bring it closer to our customers, adding a touch of warmth.

Highlighted Module
When a service was selected, the welcoming module lit one of the clerk-free modules.
Clerk-free store design Welcoming Module
Welcoming Module

The next step, in our clerk-free store design which is the first UX touchpoint, is the welcoming module.

A central column where the experience started. The interface welcomed our guests and showed the different options to be found in-store: customer service, digital payment, technical support, and product & service acquisition.

Clerk-free store design modules in service.
Service acquisition module in service.

In addition, smooth surfaces worked as user interfaces with slim slots for transactions such as SIM card purchase and replacement, cash deposit, and receipt delivery, however, contactless payment was encouraged through different methods such as contactless cards, monthly bill charges, NFC, google, and apple pay.

Clerk-free store design modules in standby mode.

In conclusion, the Movistar Clerk-free store design presented a new experience for the brand’s customers, allowing them to access services in a more autonomous way; as a result, Movistar started leading into the future of interior and experience design through retail proposals.

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